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Dear Mr. Höllwerth!
I was on Friday in Frankfurt with the music fair. I probably tried instruments on this day a few dozens. Mainly tubes of Miraphone, Meinl, Melton, B&S, in addition, of different American offerers such as Conn and getting Holton. Also with Cerveny I was natural: And that is the reason of my letter. The CERVENY F-tuba CFB 661-6GPRX was the best F-tuba on the whole fair. The most expensive instruments of B&S and Miraphone could keep up straight times in such a way!!! And that, although the Cerveny costs only somewhat more as half than the others!!! With the b-tubes the CERVENY EMPEROR TUBA COMPACT MODEL CBB 793-5RX could keep up also with the best ones of the others, with importantly better price/achievement relationship!! And also the CERVENY EMPEROR TUBA CBB 691-4R was inspiring. However I wish myself for a large Sinfonieorchester rather the 5-valve variant, for which "normal use" is one with the 691-4R however in the best way served! Love of greetings from the in the meantime springful Karlsruhe in the probably still winter Bad Goisern
Your Peter Pacher


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